Social Media Marketing for Jewellers

Let us understand why Social Media Marketing is needed especially for small & medium Jewellers.

  1. Customer reach: There are more than 4.2 billion active social media users at a given point of time & those users spend on an average of 2.30 hrs on social channels every day. You might have spent hours crafting beautiful product designs, but if only few customers know about it then you are not reaching enough customers. We all know that it is difficult to attract new customers, but social media can open doors to reach new customers
  2. Brand Awareness: When you create interesting & relevant content people on social media will like it & share it with their followers, thus increasing your reach & visibility. The more your brand is shown online on social media, you create more chances of people becoming familiar with you thus leading to interaction with your brand
  3. Understand Customer: Social Media can help you to learn more granular information about their interests, needs, behaviors & desires. This valuable customer data can be used to improve your social media strategy, ensure that you create relevant content & plan your product Inventory accordingly
  4. Customer Relations: Social Media isn’t just about posting pretty pictures & witty captions, its also about building relationships, create trust, provide easy tool to communicate with your customers. Social Media becomes a tool where your customer or potential customer can engage directly for questions, clarifications, customer service etc. These are the people who will buy your products, services & tell their friends about you

 After understanding what Social Media Marketing can do to your business, the first thing a Jeweller needs to decide is what objectives they want to achieve using it. Following are some objectives you can achieve using Social Media Marketing.

  • Sell Jewellery Online: Selling via your website is a high effort & high cash burn option, alternatively you can also sell on Amazon or Ebay etc however your costing should then include commissions of the online seller & logistical risk (no insurance & no questions asked return policies) etc
  • Increase Foot Fall at Store & Gain New Customers: A disciplined frequency of posting quality content along with constant customer engagement will 100% place you in the customer’s mind & eventually will lead to visits to your Shop
  • Increase Sales: Using Social Media will give you insights on what customers want, thus catering to those requirements will eventually increase your sales

To achieve these objectives the jeweler can use the following Social Media Channels

  • Facebook: This Platform can be effectively used using visual images or videos, if your target audience ranges from 18-50 years old.
  • Instagram: This Platform is only visual making it ideal for the Jewellery industry, the target audiences ranges from 18-35 years old
  • Pinterest: It’s a highly visual Platform & a perfect place to share beautiful visuals of your products or services, the target audience is women ranging from 25-40 years old

Before starting a Jeweller needs to create a basic Profile with active users to immediately get a descent response & reach. Jewellers need to target localities which are in the vicinity of their stores, since for Precious Jewellery it becomes extremely difficult to sell to customers beyond your nearby vicinity unless you are a well-known brand. Just use these below simple thumb-rules & get started.

  • For Facebook: Create a Business Profile page and send friend invite to all your friends & customers, keep sending friend request as and when you meet new friends, customers and acquaintances. Join various groups of interest in your locality & participate in discussions, post on relevant topics & make friends
  • For Instagram: Create a Business Profile page and follow all your friends & customers. As and when you meet new people or customers follow them
  • For Pinterest: Create a Business Profile page and add your location in the text where you describe your brand & business, it acts as a Keyword. Also placing your location in the PIN description ensures your content will show up to local audiences

What type of content & Where to share

Remember Promote your Products in a non-sales way as people don’t want to be sold, they want to establish real connections & relationships with you & that’s how your audience or customers will trust you which is extremely important for Precious Jewellery Business.

Here are few simple tips on creating content, however will suggest you to do more research to become creative & keep posting other types of interesting content too.

  1. Share Customer Testimonials

Share good reviews because reviews & testimonials can impact the brand’s reputation & help a Jeweller build trust with potential customers.

As per statistics 67% of customers make their buying decisions based on review or testimonials, hence sharing positive testimonials on social media is a great tactic, these can also be using beautiful graphics or short videos.

You can share these on Facebook & Instagram, doing this will allow your Friends or Customers either like or share them creating more visibility & credibility

  1. Showing Backstage Pass to Customers

Seeing how things or people work behind the scenes can be intriguing to some followers, if you are proud of how efficiently you manufacture or provide customer service or pack an order or how you foster an environmental friendly process then use that to your advantage. A short video can work well.

You can share these on Facebook & Instagram, doing this will again help in creating more visibility & credibility, it will also make you approachable to potential customers

  • Create Beautiful Graphics

As a standard practice also keep sharing beautiful branded product images (which you do not mind getting copied). We are visual creatures & the brain processes images & videos 60,000 times faster than text can. You can use simple platforms like Canva to create beautiful graphics.

You can share these on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, creating visibility, credibility & awareness

  • Use Proper Hashtags in your Posts

Hashtags help you reach people across social media, so using hashtags that people don’t follow or hashtags that don’t relate to your content will not help you reach the widest audience possible.

When you use hashtags, your post become searchable by anyone on that platform. Many people search specific hashtags, so by using hashtags that are of interest to your ideal customers you increase the chances of being found.

Researching the right Hashtags is key to your social media strategy, use a spreadsheet to help you organize the Hashtags that best suit your brand, many websites like “AllHashtag” have popped up that show you the top hashtags being used in your industry.

While each Social Media site uses the same Hashtag format (put the pound sign directly in front of the word or phrase you want to turn into a Hashtag) each platform utilizes them slightly differently.

Use Hashtags on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest Pins.

I would recommend on posting content atleast 2 times a week, these tips are ideal for Free Social Media Marketing. There are ways to use paid Ads, Lead Generation etc, however I have focused this blog on using Social Media for free Marketing only.

I hope to get you Jewellers started with Social Media Marketing & gain more Business.

(Author is Co-Founder ToggleArt – A Customer Experience Technology

BE-MBA, ex-TCSer, ex Co-Founder

For questions connect with him on Whatapp @7710009616 or Email

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