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About Pandora

PANDORA was founded in 1982 by the jeweler Per Enevoldsen & his wife Winnie, in Copenhagen, Denmark. According to PANDORA’s 2020 Annual Report, the brand is present in over 100 countries & employs about 26 000 people. Its revenues in 2020 were around 2.56 billion euros.

The year 2000 was a turning point for PANDORA, when the brand launched its iconic bracelet that can be personalized. This product was so successful that it opened the way for PANDORA’s internationalization.

The Pandora Brand Differentiation

The CEO Mr Alexander Lacik said – After some soul searching, “we’ve worked out what we need to be: A brand that gives a voice to people’s loves, be that people, passion or simply self-expression.” Pandora has offered a full jewelry line but its roots always have been in customizable & collectible charms that people could mix & match & make their own, Mr. Lacik said, “unlike its rivals whose products were largely rooted in allusion & associations to a particular aspirational lifestyle. Pandora provides you with the canvas & some brushes & inspiration, but ultimately you create the picture”

Pandora defines a space & you can choose whether to partake in it or not. More consumers than ever, of all ages & backgrounds, just want to stand out from the crowd.

According to Mr.Lacik, “Our point of difference should be our ability to offer personalization & co-creation. And philosophically I’d like to be in a place where most of our jewelry has a connection to this idea of collecting, as opposed to one-off sales”.

Pandora Jewellery Popularity

Pandora as a brand, its mission is to offer women a universe of high-quality jewelry, with handmade finishing, contemporary design & affordable prices, thus encouraging women to express their individuality. The brand’s slogan is “unforgettable moments,” because the brand believes that the individuality of each woman is shaped by personal, unique & memorable moments that they have lived, their stories. Thus, the brand’s identity is built around personal stories & the special moments that each woman lives.

It incorporates storytelling in its own products, as each PANDORA piece has a unique design that affords it a symbolic dimension, thus enabling consumers to associate a specific piece to a certain moment, story or even person.

In the case of PANDORA, because of the collectible nature of their products, necklaces & bracelets that can be personalized with diverse pieces, the association between products & stories goes beyond storytelling, as users become storydoers using the pieces to build their own symbolic narratives.

This holistic approach to storytelling as a branding strategy is, therefore, key to success in building & nurturing brand love.

Philosophy Showcasing Your Interest

Pandora creates customer experiences, as this can make customer keep happiness stories & moments on Pandora’s product. For example, when customer travel to France they can buy charm Eiffel tower design to keep a good moment in their wrist. Therefore, customer who use their product can enjoy & have fun to tell unique story through charms & remain good memories through products.

The brand’s essence is being “highly emotional & positive, representing the love, passions & places in people’s lives,” with jewelry designed to capture those memories. Pandora is a brand about giving voice to people’s love.

Recalibrated Retail

The makeover is playing out in its new store concept, dubbed, the “The Expressions Store”, where shoppers customize jewelry at engraving stations, & “treasure tables” highlight new designs, in a bid to create an immersive, personalized & emotionally resonant shopping experience, to woo millennials & gen Z too.

Shoppers get everything & anything online, Consumers are totally accustomed to insane levels of data-fueled personalization, according to a report from trend forecasting firm Trendwatching. “Now, they’re going to come to expect the same from the physical retail spaces.” It has forced retailers to create store environments that are “sentient spaces” to woo consumers drawn to physical spaces that “recognize & react to them, providing a personalized experience.”

At new engraving stations, shoppers can customize jewelry with initials & dates, a new touchy-feely Charm Bar encourages shoppers to flex their design muscles & indulge their creative impulses by mixing & matching bracelets & charms.

“Personalization is key at retail today & the model of bracelets & necklaces being personalized with charms makes sense,” 70% of Pandora’s business is in bracelets & charms.

Creating Exquisite Originality

There are several reasons why custom Pandora jewelry pieces are so popular today. One reason is that they can be made to order & they are made uniquely, according to your design specifications. When you make your own jewelry, you don’t have to worry about being limited to the designs you see in the jewelry stores in your local mall. You can have the jewelry you love crafted based on your personal tastes & desires.

Because of the customization options available today, customized Pandora jewelry pieces can fit into any budget & any lifestyle. You can have an item created that is affordable for you or that is more expensive but still fits with your personal tastes & desires.

Every woman should have at least one piece of jewelry that is custom-made for her by a jewelry designer – Pandora.

It’s the originality of the Pandora line of jewelry that makes them so desirable either as pieces of expression or as gifts. With a gift like a Pandora bracelet, you can set the bar for expression very high, customizing it down to the minutest details.

Facilitate – Only Creativity Limits Customers

Best of all, Pandora charms are so many in number that you could spend hours looking through a catalog & by the time you reached the end you wouldn’t be able to remember where you started. On one hand that can make you feel overwhelmed, but on the other hand, it will leave you with an inexhaustible pool of resources for creating the ideal, perfectly personalized gift. In short, you’ll never run out of options for personalization when you gift the gift of a Pandora bracelet

Due to the breadth & scope of the collection of Pandora jewelry, there is only one factor that can really limit the effect you can produce with a thoughtfully designed bracelet from Pandora, & that is your own creativity.

A Timeless – Pandora

These are the kinds of gifts that develop slowly, over time, & with reflection. A Pandora bracelet is never finished in a day, nor at the time of giving. It’s the kind of gift that grows with the person wearing it; you can add, move, & remove charms as you see fit, seasonally, or as your interests & attitudes shift. It is the ultimate gift – a living expression that grows, reflects, & changes with, the wearer.


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